Bill McClusky's Family Photo Page

I'm still trying to keep this updated.

Just click on a picture to view the full size picture.

Molly & Maeve

Rob at his 40th Birthday Party

Molly and Emily

Relaxing out back at Kathleen & Robs

James- What I didn't do anything look

Volleyball at Kathleen & Robs

Molly with Patches

Jim trying out my kayak

Mikey out on my kayak

James birthday cake at the Rift Camp

I got to ride in a NASCAR race car at the Texas Motor Speedway

Owen & Tom at the lake

Matt and Owen at the lake

James Patrick hitting his first double

I got to meet Howie Long while I was in Fort Worth

A really cool owl at Scarborough Fair in Texas

Scarborough Fair in Texas

Me with Christopher & Cassandra rafting on the San Marcos River in Texas

Cassandra, Christopher and Jen on the San Marcos



That's all for now
I'll post some other pictures later.

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